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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Spending New Years Eve home watching Disney Channel's Totally Suite New Years Eve, seeing if LatteGirl can actually make it to midnight this year. Last year she made it to 11:40, but she was still taking naps back then. She has made it a few time since then (much to my dismay), but since starting Kindergarten in September she has settled into an earlier bed time since. So it is anyone's guess whether or not she can.

DietCokeWife is going to try as well. She hasn't been up at midnight since she got pregnant. Even money says she doesn't make it.

Anyway, from our family to you and yours, Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Resolutions

I have forgone the usual list of things that I usually Resolve to change in the coming year and usually have failed at by February.

This year my resolutions are:

1. Buy Organic. The reason is of course to rid not only my body of chemicals but to offer safer non engineered foods for my daughter.

2. Support Family Farms. - Fortunately Number 1 feeds into this (no pun intended). But also buying only Free Range Eggs and Chicken, buying from Farmer's Markets as opposed to sumermakets when I can.

Why? Because I saw this:

3. Get involved in my local Government. Like many people, I have complained, Politicians are crooks! why are there no good people to vote for? Well, for the sake of my daughter, my town and my state I will no longer stand by the sidelines. Whether it be by actually running for Town Council (currently a consideration) or just going to every town council meeting and voicing my opinion and letting the politicians know I am paying attention and holding them accountable, making a difference now starts with ME... not somebody else.

Like I said, not your typical resolutions, but ones that I think are important not only to me, but to those I love.

I wish you and yours Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thoughts and Prayers for Java Diva

I was disheartened to read over at Mommybloggers that Jenn from Mommy Needs Coffee will be taking a break from blogging due to the waning health of her mother.

According to Mommybloggers:
After Jenn's mom's long struggle, the family has called in hospice and they are preparing to say goodbye. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. If you would like to send her a message, we will forward it to her.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My relatives are out to get me

Last year it was my mother-in-law, with American Idol Barbie. Now I am not one of those people that think you can make or break a young girls self-image with a doll. But this particular model irked me. Why? Because my (then) 4 year old daughter bouncing around the house with the pretend Karaoke machine which came with it singing, "Opps I did it again" and "I'm not so innocent." This is of course a father's worst nightmare.

This year it was my sister. Nothing quite as an affront to my sanity as the American Idol Barbie, but annoying still. Polly Pockets. And not just one but 4 sets of these miniscule dolls with tiny rubber clothes and even smaller accessories. This was apparently the hit gift of Christmas. She took this out of the box on Monday Morning (trying to salvage some sort of sanity I would not let her open it until we got home, lest hundreds of little pieces get left at Grandma's house).

Just a reminder, Monday was our "play date" day. Just Daddy and Daughter. Well we played with Polly Pockets literally all day long, and into the evening. Toys this small were not meant to be handled by big ox guys like me. But for LatteGirl it was fantasic. And all the CLOTHES that came with it (over 40 items, just begging to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner). She was just in heaven, which was the only thing that managed to keep me sane through 12 hours of play. The clothes to their credit do go on and off fairly easily, but do not fit very well, making it difficult to use the ski lift and other parts of this toy, which is not the best quality item in the world and has a tendency to come apart.

To top it off, along with the "Ski Hotel" (pictured) it also came with a "fashion bar" (meaning a beauty salon that looks more like a bar). Lots more ITSY BITSY TEENY TINY LITTLE accessories that are IMPOSSIBLE to find once the get into the rug. Cleaning up after playtime was an hour long search for pieces to get everything away.

I can only wonder what they hell the relatives have planned for her birthday party this year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

#1 Dad

I received this as a Christmas Gift. Completely unexpected, nothing could have made me happier.

The Christmas Review

I planned to post during the Holiday weekend, I planned to post a lot actually. But as the saying goes, "The best laid plans of mice and men who drink too much caffeine..." (or something like that).

So, now I will attempt to encapsulate the events and emotions that made up my this weekend, with enough detail to tell the tale, but short enough to keep you around to read it through. (hmmm...I may have to break this down over a few days. So I will give provide the "Reader's Digest first with detail to follow over the next couple of days... complete with photos.)

So when last we left our hero LatteMan he was struggling with some holiday blues, but trying to fight his way through it.

Friday evening. Spirits are lifted as soon as I come through the door. LatteGirl is suffering from Christmas Hyperactivity and it is infectious. We bake, and bake, and bake, make some more chocolates, and bake some more. In between each batch of cookies, we rush to the living room to watch TV in 9-13 minute spurts between batches coming out of the oven. (Bonus: Target did manage to get the package delivered on time. Kudos for the expedited shipping and a job well done. They have re-earned my respect and business in the future).

We went through all the classics, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, The Year without a Santa Claus and of course, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. (It is amazing how short these shows are when you take out the commercials.) Once LatteGirl finally passed out, I turned to my *new* holiday collection (New in me making them in my mind a "collection" and "tradition"). My holiday collection is a bit eclectic. An American Christmas Carol (starring Henry Winkler), The Ref, Home for the Holidays, Scrooged and The Family Man.

When all was said and done... One Gross of cookies (a dozen dozen or 144 for those counting along at home). It was well past 3 AM (maybe 4) by the time I actually packed it in. This would cost me dearly as...

Saturday - morning rolled around way too fast and early for me. I was in good spirits, but the euphoria of my bake-a-ton wore off and was now exacting revenge on my body. I also may have started coming down with a cold, as I found myself, sluggish all day long. I did bak the Beary Christmas Cake, and 6 dozen Sugar Cookies. Oh, and went to K-Mart for a couple of last minute items. And did manage to keep LatteGirl entertained which was growing harder by the momment as she could barely contain her enthusiasm for Christmas. So although I was feeling drained, Christmas cheer was running high.

Christmas Day - It is impossible to do this justice in a brief synopsis. But I will say this. I feel like I have been blessed with the best child in the world. Her enthusiasm (well no duh), but also her taking time to say Thank You and to show appreciation, not for "The Gifts" but each single gift was worthy of a pause and a show of gratitude, as if it was the only gift she received and had never gotten a gift before. We had Christmas dinner at my mom's house. With her poor health, I am greatful now for every Christmas I can spend with her. Last year, her health and the passing of my father left her unable to entertain which made her quite miserable. My sister and I would glady take over the "duty" of playing host to the family, but this year thank goodness her health is stable and she was back to having the family come to her, which was important to her.

Monday - DietCokeWife was off to the "After Christmas Sales" and LatteGirl and I played with her new toys. No pressures, no deadlines, no worrying about work. It was all about her and I having a "play date." When the day was over, as we read her goodnight story, she stopped, gave me a kiss, and thanked me for a great day. Who cares about anything else, that was the greatest gift I could ever get.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bright Spots in a gloomy day

Needless to say after my last post, the last place I want to be is in my office.

But here I sit. I'll be damned if I am going to get any work done today.

We are getting let out 'early' today... which means I only have to work from 7-4.

Oh yeah, I said there was a bright spot, well a potential one. It would seem that Target read my diatrabe (well I could hope), changed my order to 2nd Day and got it out on Wednesday. It is due to arrive today, if UPS doesn't screw it up. Unfortunately I am feeling a bit jaded and cynical today, and have my doubts that it can arrive... on time... and in one piece. We shall see.

I kicking the wife out of the house tonight as soon as I get home, and LatteKid and I are going to town... baking style (another bright spot... or at least something to look forward to). More cookies, and since it has been about a year since I did any serious cake decorating, I might do a test run at making a 'Beary Chistmas Cake' (the one over there on the right), just to make sure I haven't lost my touch.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

How to ruin a holiday

1st - accept a job at a 20% paycut with promises of huge Xmas bonues

2st - work you ass off all year for an unappreciative boss that blames you for everything.

3nd - get a horrendeous mid-year review, but rather than look for new employment, work to improve your review.

4th - get told you are not improving - work at a simply insane pace.

5th - get told you are finally doing a good job.

6th - get a horrendeous review telling you how you are not worth your salary to the company, and that your bonus for the year is $0

Sooo glad this is over

The Transit Union Workers have apparently agreed to go back to work while the final contract is hashed out. While I was not "directly" affected by the strike, everything around me was, making life quite annoying the past couple of days.

Most critical to me is that the Starbucks that I go to in the morning will now be open again when I get to work. It has not been pretty around my office this past couple of days, when I have had to arrive without my Triple Venti Gingerbread Latte.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Keep the kids in line for these last few days before Xmas

Show 'em Santa is watching with:

Santa Clause Naughty/Nice Meter

Dear Target, this is how you repay me?

I have fought a good battle this holiday season, with the Fox News induced, "War on Christmas" Nazi's. I have defended the Targets, K-Marts, and other retailers that have opted to simply use "Holiday Sales" rather than "Christmas Sales." Do these retailers even know I am doing this? Of course not, that is not the point.

Target, one of the biggest uh... "targets" of this Christmas Police, however, now at the last minute has driven a stake right through the heart of my shopping. Keeping gifts a secret can sometime be difficult in our caffeine laden home. This year, there was to be a surprise present from Grandma (my mom) that even DietCokeWife didn't know about.

Talks were had, plans were made. Located the item on line, ordered it FRIDAY rather than the last minute Monday (they claimed "Order up until December 19th), just to be safe. In Stock. Place Order. Everything was good in the world. Or so I thought.

At 8PM yesterday... Tuesday... I am sent an e-mail that my order has been delayed, and that it would not most likely arrive by the 23rd as promised. "If it is too late, then you can return it"



I can not change the delivery type, so even if I was willing to spend the $1.2 Billion FedEx or UPS charges for a Saturday delivery, and they now somehow were able to get it out by the 23rd for it to arrive ontime, I CAN'T CHANGE THE DELIVERY TYPE.

Oh, and I can't cancel the order either. So the $80 is charged to the credit card, I now have to tack another $80 on the card, wait for the Target Order to arrive, refuse it, wait for it to arrive back to them, wait for someone from Target to call me to ask, "WHY" I refused it, say 'NO' ten to fifteen times while they attempt to get me to either accept the order anyway, or take a store credit rather than a refund. Then, and only then will I get a credit back to the card.

I have been online shopping since before the DotBomb, and this is the first time I got stung by the half-assed way some retailers handle their online shopping. Now I know why others are so bitter from similar experiences of the past.

Target, how could you do this to me.

P.S. To the folks at If you are going to market yourself as a 'platform' for other businesses to do their online sales through, please give them the ability to CANCEL ORDERS. Thank You. (Toys R Us and Target both use Amazon as a online shopping platform).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Now THAT is artwork

I found this (and promptly lifted it) from Nef's Blog

Proudly introducing Latte Art.

If you don't live in the NYC area

You have no idea how big a deal the Transit Workers Union strike here is. The sheer density of people that work here is phenomenal.

Directly, the striker does not affect me personally. My bus company is not affected by this action, and from the Port Authority bus terminal I usually walk to work. I say usually because since I sprained my ankle pretty badly a month ago, I have been taking a cab TO the office.

That was simply not a possibility this morning. The normally organized line at the taxi station in front of the terminal looked more like a gang. People were pushing and shoving each other in attempts to get in better position to grab the next cab. If someone is killed there today, (ie. someone getting pushed in front of cab as the crowd is fighting for position), I will NOT be surprised.

NY commuters are probably the most angry, impolite and impatient people on a good day. Until this strike ends, there are not going to be any good days.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hellooooooo Cookie Man...

Went from Chocolatier on Saturday to being a baker on Sunday. Dozens and Dozens of cookies. It was easy to get a lot done because DietCokeWife and LatteGirl went off to see "The Nutcracker" leaving me to bake in peace.

I Made Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips with Walnuts, Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chips, Completely Organic Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chips, Sugar Cookies and Anisette Biscuits.

We have been making an effort to incorporate more organic foods into the LatteHome (more on that in another post), but making the completely organic chocolate chips was far more difficult than I first imagined it being, which is why I guess you don't see any "organic" cookies. Organic chocolate is expensive, well OK, cooking organic is expensive, but organic chocolate is REAL expensive. Organic Sugar and Organic Brown Sugar are not as fine as say regular Domino Sugar and the cookies come out a bit courser than standard Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is not necessarily a bad thing though and the cookies came out quite good... if I do say so myself.

As the week progresses I still have Anisette Cookies, Butter Cookies, Almond Cookies and more chocolate chip cookies to make. I hope I have enough tins for all these cookies.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I feel like Willie Wonka

Spent a good part of the day watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today with LatteKid and making our own Christmas Chocolate Candies (picture coming soon).

She had a blast coming up with ideas of what molds should be what colors, and we even gave an attempt to a few multi-colored ones. Which is far tougher than they make it seem when you read the instructions. Just let it be said that a "chocolate brush" is an awful lot like a paint brush. And I have never been very good with a paint brush.

OK, I bought the chocolate and melted it, but have you ever looked into making your own chocolate from scratch? This is NOT an easy or inexpensive proposition for a hobbiest or for "fun." I did some research, and may give it a whirl in the future if I can find the justification for the tools needed. If you are interested in this, I did find a great site on doing it yourself, which is Chocolate Alchemy. Just as importantly, I found a site here that shows you the results of trying to improvise, not purchasing the needed tools and trying to do it with products from around the house. If I hadn't stumbled across that site, I may have given the same thing a try, with the same poor results.

So, at least for now, I will stick with tried and true chocolate from others. I have been using Wilton's up until now, but after spotting Wilbur Chocolate available for melting, and reading Bakerina's rave on Wilbur Chocolate, I think that may be the way to go.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Terrorism of a different sort.

First of all, go and read A mother's need to protect written by Jenn of Mommy Needs Coffee.

Now stop and imagine it happening to you. No, don't just think about it, stop and imagine for a momment that is your child. And these are the only answers you can get from the school administration.

I did just that (I'll get you for that Jenn), and let me tell you, it took me to a very dark place (Oh, and Jenn, it is not not only mom's that have that instict, although men may have a better ability to mask it). I give her credit for not, "losing it." I certainly think I would under the same circumstances. But now I guess I should get to my point, shouldn't I.

I certainly understand the need to privacy, especially in today's world, where privacy is becoming a precious commodity. But there are times, where privacy is no longer a factor, and that is when it involves another (particularly a child). That child's "right to privacy" gets trumped by my (well Jenn's but you know what I am saying) child's well being. Why? Because that child drew others into his world with his threats. By all means, do not give me phone numbers, where his parents work etc. (because we know once primal instincts kick in there is no length a parent will not go to protect their child).

But, you can NOT just tell me, "we are dealing with it" and expect that to be a satisfactory answer. This is very much like the post 9/11 world we live in, where we are in a constant state of "Yellow" or "Potential for Imminent Attack." And much like we as a nation are attempting to take proactive steps to protect ourselves from terrorists, I will take any and all steps necessary to protect my child from a terroristic attack from another child. And make no mistake about it. That is exactly what it was. A Terrorist Threat. Meant to instill the fear of it happening, even if it never does.

So forgive me if I do not take your "dealing with it" at face value. That just doesn't cut it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fresh Start

I am still tinkering with layout and such until I can create a template that is more me.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Sweetie

This is Sweetie. We found Sweetie wandering the streets. How anybody could just abandon such a wonderful dog is beyond me.

How do I know she was "abandoned"? Well, she had obviously been taken care of and tended to when we found her. She had a skin condition, and there were patches of her skin where the condition was worst that had been shaven in neat little squares. She also had the telltale markings around her neck of having at least fairly recently worn a collar.

My nearest guess is that someone got tired of vet bills and decided to take her for a "ride" and drop her off where she wouldn't find her way home.

At the time, we already had a dog (Doc), and TheWife was pregnant with TheKid, so the last thing we wanted was another dog. We took her to the local PAWS shelter (where they do not destroy animals). Due to overcrowding, they had no room for her, and in an amusing momment, we asked the people at the shelter what kind of dog she was. The lady at PAWS, looked at Sweetie and stated, "my goodness, you are an eclectic mix of breeds aren't you?" and informed us that she could detect several different breeds in her, but could not say with any certainty what breeds she was made up of.

We consulted with the regular shelter, and they informed us that due to her unique appearance, medical condition and the overwhelming number of animals that were in the shelter (they were overcrowded as well), that the liklihood of her being adopted was practically 'NIL, and in all probability she would be put down.

Well, we could have no part of putting this wonderful animal down for no good reason, so we stopped at PetSmart, bought another bed and food dishes, and took Sweetie home with us. We of course didn't know her birthday, so we decided to celebrate her birthday on the day she came to us. This is her sixth year with us, and the Vet estimated her to be two years old when we found her, so now we are celebrating her 8th birthday, and hoping for many more to come.

She has been nothing but absolutely nothing but the best pet anybody could ever have. She is loving (much to some visitors chagrin when she tries desperately to lick their faces), to everyone and has bonded with TheKid, so much so that when TheKid and I are "wrestling", Sweetie gets agitated and barks at me.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I feel honored... and yet so weird

I received an e-mail from Mommybloggers inviting me to participate in a survey they were doing. Due to the fact that they had sent it to an old e-mail address I rarely check, I found it too late to actually participate.

Even though I did not have the opportunity to participate, I feel honored to have been invited to do so.

On the other hand, it makes me feel a bit weird. I mean I can't be the only father in the blogging world, (or the world for that matter), that cares as much for his child (children), as I do, and not fit the stereotypical 'Male' model, can I.

Of course, I can be overthinking this WAY to much.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Things that make you go... DUH!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - With no must-have plaything emerging so far this holiday season besides Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 video game console, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said on Thursday its hottest toys are the ones it has promoted aggressively.

Well, geez thanks for letting us know that your marketing is so good that it has influenced my child's decision of what she wants for Christmas. Jerks!

Just who declared this 'War'?

Well, I started this the other day, and by golly, for as long as it is going be called A "War on Christmas," by (and let me emphasize this) EXTREME RADICAL Christians, I will lend my voice to the less vocal rational side of this arguement (there is a vocal IRRATIONAL opposition to this, but that is not from where I speak).

I am not complaining about "Christmas," nor those that want to "Keep the Christ in Christmas." I fully support and even agree with those people. If you are going to celebrate a holiday, at least remember WHY you are celebrating it. (And just for the record, I personally celebrate Christmas. But I do not expect to push my views on others).

I guess, what I really want to know is whether or not these same people have heard the phrase, "Season Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" before? If not, what rock have they been under. These are not new. They weren't just made up in order to "steal Christmas"

But there is the catch, and here is where the "War" comes in. Those people that will not shop at Wal-Mart, Sears or Target or other retailers because unless is says CHRISTMAS specifically in their flyer they are going to boycott the stores. This is about Bill O'Reilley from Fox News that looked to stoke this fire more by "rooting out" every retailer that has choosen to use a "Holiday" Theme rather than saying "Christmas" This is about the people in this washington post article that threw Holiday Cards from the Whitehouse because they were not CHRISTMAS Cards.

To add gasoline to this fire, you only need to look to hate monger Jerry Falwall. How dare I say such a thing? Well, Evangelical Christian pastor Jerry Falwell had a message for Americans when it comes to celebrating Christmas this year: You're either with us, or you're against us.

What kind of "Christian" message is that? So here, Falwell is himself declaring "War" on every person of religious decent other than Christians. Is this a message that Jesus would wish him to convey? Of course what can you expect from a man that said g-d told him that September 11th was allowed to happen because of pagans, abortionists, homosexuals, ACLU, Femenist, etc. (I personally can still not even get close to understanding how an organization that is set up to defend the Constitution would even be on g-d's radar screen. I can disagree with the others, but can more easily accept the "reasoning" based on moral principals, but the ACLU?)

American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, is another man of questionable Christian values. He, while speaking of the boycott of target stores, said nothing short of "Prominent Display of 'Christmas' will satisfy him. And if it is offensive to others? "They can walk right by the sign," Wildmon said. "It's a federal holiday. If someone is upset by that, well, they should know that they are living in a predominantly Christian nation." Hence accordingly you can infer, that Christians should not turn the other cheek, but everybody else should. Again I ask, why are Christians complaining that there is a war on Christmas? Who declared war on whom? (the source for both the quotes from Jerry Falwell and Tim Wildmon are from a San Francisco Chronicle article.)

Now a more murky issue recently came up in Manhasset, New York, that may of you outside the NY/NJ Metro area may not have heard. At the tree lighting ceremony this year, Rev. Nick Zientarski gave the blessing of the tree. When he said, "Jesus Christ", North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman apparently lost his mind (remember I mentioned the irrationals at the beginning of this post?), got up and told the crowd, "I just want to make it clear that this is in no way a religious ceremony." People where in shock. Not just Christians, but everyone. It was inappropriate for him to do. Period. End of Story. Or so it should be. But no, now that this "Christian Fever" is spreading, every story includes a person like John Kiggins, owner of Manhasset Sporting Goods, who felt he needed to point out at the end of a statement in an article in Newsday, "...And the event was billed as a Christmas tree lighting. Had it not been billed that way, I probably wouldn't have gone." So if it was a "Holiday Tree" lighting, it would not have been as enjoyable to get out and see?

A little bit of History

Jesus was born in September and not December. It was during the days of Pope Damasus I , when the Roman Church was attempting to convert pagans and others to Christianity did the Christ Mass get put in December in direct opposition to the other holidays that were celebrated at the time, effective "stealing" the "Festival of Lights" and other holidays to insert their own.

The Reality of this Country

The United States is supposed to be free from religious persecution, not free from religious persecution as long as you are a Christian. I will not complain about you celebrating Christmas, but by all means, please refrain from shoving your beliefs down my throat. It is a holiday season for a great many religions. We are a nation of great many religons and beliefs. Every single one of them has a right to celebrate their holiday. With Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and Yule (isn't funny that at Christmas time, so many of them offer Yuletide greetings without realizing the meaning), the end of December is truely a Holiday Season.

It is a season to love your fellow man, but these Christian fanaticals apparently have forgotten that, and only love those that believe as they do, or will bend to their whims. To them I say, "Happy Holidays"

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Keep your PETA away from my child

Let me be honest up front. I am not the biggest fan PETA has ever had. Not by a long shot. It is a good cause run amok in my opinion. The Extreme Republicans of the Animal defense world. That being said, I do support at the more primative (and probably according to PETA hypocrital) level the base message of their cause. I do not support SENSELESS cruelty to animals. I think "sport" hunting is plain stupid. I do not believe in animal testing, I applaud efforts to ensure that animals are properly taken care of when they are on the set of movies, I like the fact that many zoos now make are or making an effort to stop being the old cold cage environment that they were, and becoming more of a "habitat."

But that is where it ends. We as humans are carnivores (go ahead vegans, make your claims, nobody looks at you and believes that vegan is truly healthy since most of you look less than healthy). And since we are eating cows, I have no problem using skins for leather, etc.

This is really a long winded way to get to my point. PETA in their every growing level of craziness has recently released a little comic book campaign. It is called, "Your Daddy Kills Animals." I will not like to it, because it is so completely over the top. On Page 2 of this "book" is the line, "Until your daddy learns that it ’s not 'fun' to kill, keep your doggies and kitties away from him. He ’s so hooked on killing defenseless animals that they could be next!" They actually have the audacity to attempt to distribute this in schools to children!

So much for the "Ethical" treatment of Animals. Perhaps they should remember that HUMANS are animals too, and subjecting children (whom this is obviously aimed at) to this type of cruelty. If Daddy fishes, he is gonna kill the family pet, now get a good nights sleep Lil' Timmy.

I wish there were some way to reach people like those that put together this insane piece of propoganda and somehow get through to them that, one they are no better than those they are fighting against when you do harm to children with junk like this, and two that they do nothing but cause more people to turn a deaf ear to their pleas when they show themselves to be so insanely fanatical that this seem like a good idea.

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