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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2006 Year In Review : Part I

There are certain things that I will miss from 2006. Not many. And really I guess it is more about things that have changed more than things left behind. Any parent knows the feeling. The "where does the time go" feeling. It just seemed so accelerated this year.

Gone are the days of kiddie pools, or "having to" go swimming with LatteGirl. She can swim... well. No more inflatable arm bands, silly little inflatables or other such "baby toys." Now she swims on her own and those silly little toys have been replaced with diving sticks, underwater hoops for swimming through and other "big kid" toys.

Gone this year is the simple version of soccer that was just more like us kicking a ball back and forth. Now we run drills in the yard (her choice), have orange cones (her choice), and she sets up a goal so she can (try) to shoot it past me.

The Christmas wishlist also changed quite dramatically. Gone are Color Wonder Books, Wiggles Videos, Barbie Stylin' Heads and Play-Doh. This year the requests were things like a Pottery Wheel, a telescope, a Chemistry Kit ("My First Chemistry kit" not a real chemistry set), and Leapster Math Games. Where toys were requested, they were more mature, including (one of my old favorites) MouseTrap. She also got a FurReal Friends Chimp, but that was TheWife's idea and wasn't actually a requested toy.

I know they grow up, and we can't stop them. And I am sure I will lament this again many times in the future in a similar fashion. But somehow I think I will always look back at this particular year as the end point of my "baby" and the begining of the years I can call "my young little lady."

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