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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas Review

I planned to post during the Holiday weekend, I planned to post a lot actually. But as the saying goes, "The best laid plans of mice and men who drink too much caffeine..." (or something like that).

So, now I will attempt to encapsulate the events and emotions that made up my this weekend, with enough detail to tell the tale, but short enough to keep you around to read it through. (hmmm...I may have to break this down over a few days. So I will give provide the "Reader's Digest first with detail to follow over the next couple of days... complete with photos.)

So when last we left our hero LatteMan he was struggling with some holiday blues, but trying to fight his way through it.

Friday evening. Spirits are lifted as soon as I come through the door. LatteGirl is suffering from Christmas Hyperactivity and it is infectious. We bake, and bake, and bake, make some more chocolates, and bake some more. In between each batch of cookies, we rush to the living room to watch TV in 9-13 minute spurts between batches coming out of the oven. (Bonus: Target did manage to get the package delivered on time. Kudos for the expedited shipping and a job well done. They have re-earned my respect and business in the future).

We went through all the classics, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, The Year without a Santa Claus and of course, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. (It is amazing how short these shows are when you take out the commercials.) Once LatteGirl finally passed out, I turned to my *new* holiday collection (New in me making them in my mind a "collection" and "tradition"). My holiday collection is a bit eclectic. An American Christmas Carol (starring Henry Winkler), The Ref, Home for the Holidays, Scrooged and The Family Man.

When all was said and done... One Gross of cookies (a dozen dozen or 144 for those counting along at home). It was well past 3 AM (maybe 4) by the time I actually packed it in. This would cost me dearly as...

Saturday - morning rolled around way too fast and early for me. I was in good spirits, but the euphoria of my bake-a-ton wore off and was now exacting revenge on my body. I also may have started coming down with a cold, as I found myself, sluggish all day long. I did bak the Beary Christmas Cake, and 6 dozen Sugar Cookies. Oh, and went to K-Mart for a couple of last minute items. And did manage to keep LatteGirl entertained which was growing harder by the momment as she could barely contain her enthusiasm for Christmas. So although I was feeling drained, Christmas cheer was running high.

Christmas Day - It is impossible to do this justice in a brief synopsis. But I will say this. I feel like I have been blessed with the best child in the world. Her enthusiasm (well no duh), but also her taking time to say Thank You and to show appreciation, not for "The Gifts" but each single gift was worthy of a pause and a show of gratitude, as if it was the only gift she received and had never gotten a gift before. We had Christmas dinner at my mom's house. With her poor health, I am greatful now for every Christmas I can spend with her. Last year, her health and the passing of my father left her unable to entertain which made her quite miserable. My sister and I would glady take over the "duty" of playing host to the family, but this year thank goodness her health is stable and she was back to having the family come to her, which was important to her.

Monday - DietCokeWife was off to the "After Christmas Sales" and LatteGirl and I played with her new toys. No pressures, no deadlines, no worrying about work. It was all about her and I having a "play date." When the day was over, as we read her goodnight story, she stopped, gave me a kiss, and thanked me for a great day. Who cares about anything else, that was the greatest gift I could ever get.

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