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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My relatives are out to get me

Last year it was my mother-in-law, with American Idol Barbie. Now I am not one of those people that think you can make or break a young girls self-image with a doll. But this particular model irked me. Why? Because my (then) 4 year old daughter bouncing around the house with the pretend Karaoke machine which came with it singing, "Opps I did it again" and "I'm not so innocent." This is of course a father's worst nightmare.

This year it was my sister. Nothing quite as an affront to my sanity as the American Idol Barbie, but annoying still. Polly Pockets. And not just one but 4 sets of these miniscule dolls with tiny rubber clothes and even smaller accessories. This was apparently the hit gift of Christmas. She took this out of the box on Monday Morning (trying to salvage some sort of sanity I would not let her open it until we got home, lest hundreds of little pieces get left at Grandma's house).

Just a reminder, Monday was our "play date" day. Just Daddy and Daughter. Well we played with Polly Pockets literally all day long, and into the evening. Toys this small were not meant to be handled by big ox guys like me. But for LatteGirl it was fantasic. And all the CLOTHES that came with it (over 40 items, just begging to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner). She was just in heaven, which was the only thing that managed to keep me sane through 12 hours of play. The clothes to their credit do go on and off fairly easily, but do not fit very well, making it difficult to use the ski lift and other parts of this toy, which is not the best quality item in the world and has a tendency to come apart.

To top it off, along with the "Ski Hotel" (pictured) it also came with a "fashion bar" (meaning a beauty salon that looks more like a bar). Lots more ITSY BITSY TEENY TINY LITTLE accessories that are IMPOSSIBLE to find once the get into the rug. Cleaning up after playtime was an hour long search for pieces to get everything away.

I can only wonder what they hell the relatives have planned for her birthday party this year!

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