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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Target, this is how you repay me?

I have fought a good battle this holiday season, with the Fox News induced, "War on Christmas" Nazi's. I have defended the Targets, K-Marts, and other retailers that have opted to simply use "Holiday Sales" rather than "Christmas Sales." Do these retailers even know I am doing this? Of course not, that is not the point.

Target, one of the biggest uh... "targets" of this Christmas Police, however, now at the last minute has driven a stake right through the heart of my shopping. Keeping gifts a secret can sometime be difficult in our caffeine laden home. This year, there was to be a surprise present from Grandma (my mom) that even DietCokeWife didn't know about.

Talks were had, plans were made. Located the item on line, ordered it FRIDAY rather than the last minute Monday (they claimed "Order up until December 19th), just to be safe. In Stock. Place Order. Everything was good in the world. Or so I thought.

At 8PM yesterday... Tuesday... I am sent an e-mail that my order has been delayed, and that it would not most likely arrive by the 23rd as promised. "If it is too late, then you can return it"



I can not change the delivery type, so even if I was willing to spend the $1.2 Billion FedEx or UPS charges for a Saturday delivery, and they now somehow were able to get it out by the 23rd for it to arrive ontime, I CAN'T CHANGE THE DELIVERY TYPE.

Oh, and I can't cancel the order either. So the $80 is charged to the credit card, I now have to tack another $80 on the card, wait for the Target Order to arrive, refuse it, wait for it to arrive back to them, wait for someone from Target to call me to ask, "WHY" I refused it, say 'NO' ten to fifteen times while they attempt to get me to either accept the order anyway, or take a store credit rather than a refund. Then, and only then will I get a credit back to the card.

I have been online shopping since before the DotBomb, and this is the first time I got stung by the half-assed way some retailers handle their online shopping. Now I know why others are so bitter from similar experiences of the past.

Target, how could you do this to me.

P.S. To the folks at If you are going to market yourself as a 'platform' for other businesses to do their online sales through, please give them the ability to CANCEL ORDERS. Thank You. (Toys R Us and Target both use Amazon as a online shopping platform).

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