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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

If you don't live in the NYC area

You have no idea how big a deal the Transit Workers Union strike here is. The sheer density of people that work here is phenomenal.

Directly, the striker does not affect me personally. My bus company is not affected by this action, and from the Port Authority bus terminal I usually walk to work. I say usually because since I sprained my ankle pretty badly a month ago, I have been taking a cab TO the office.

That was simply not a possibility this morning. The normally organized line at the taxi station in front of the terminal looked more like a gang. People were pushing and shoving each other in attempts to get in better position to grab the next cab. If someone is killed there today, (ie. someone getting pushed in front of cab as the crowd is fighting for position), I will NOT be surprised.

NY commuters are probably the most angry, impolite and impatient people on a good day. Until this strike ends, there are not going to be any good days.

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