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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Policies and Disclosues


There are banner advertisements on this web site. (Obviously). Each advertiser is selected by me, because I believe that they are good choices. I will not accept nor display any advertising from a company that I do not believe does right by its customers.

Some links to products or services listed in blog posts may including advertisers codes. (For example links to Amazon for a book recommendation). At no time will I like or write a blog post simple in the effort to make money. Again, using Amazon as an example, if I happen to recommend a book that I liked, and based on my recommendation you decide to click on the link and purchase the book. I will earn a fee for it. But since it was my recommendation that guided you to that, I do not believe this is unfair.

I never have, nor will I ever put a pop-up ad on this (or any other) property that I own. If one shows up, either it is from the "exit" of the page you left before you came to this site, or you have some sort of Virus on your computer.

There are two basic types of reviews you will find here. The first being for products and/or services that may have been sent to me by a company to review free of charge. (Though, this has been quite rare). The fact that this product was sent free of charge will in no way alter my view of the company or my review. If I happen to love the product and think it is something that people will like, I may (at my discretion) choose (if available) to tie in with the company as an advertiser. But that is ONLY after I have reviewed the product/service.

The second reviews are those in which I have recieived no such product/service "sample" for my review. These can simply be though of as my sort of Public Service Announcement or opinion. I happily promote products that I have no monetary interest, if I think that people "need to know" how good (or bad as the case may be) a particular product/service is.

I hope this is clear enough, but should a question arise, please feel free to contact me and ask.

Last Updated 09/27/06

Policies and Disclosures

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