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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Jell-O mold like Holiday Recap...

(Sort of looks like a post, but is tenuous at best in its construction, with lots of odd things thrown it).

LatteGirl did not feel well, and was a bit off right up and through Christmas Eve. By Christmas Even she even seemed a bit depressed. By being ill for the past week, she sort of felt like she missed the "run up" to Christmas, and several times lamented how Christmas seemed to come way too fast this year. (What child complains about Christmas arriving too quickly? Really!)

By Christmas morning however, whatever has been keeping her down was gone. She was her bright chipper self. Full of enthusiasm, excitement and awake far too early in the morning for my tastes (and it should be noted... I am a morning person in general). I will go more into the specifics about present and such later (with photos).

When I was a younger lad (way back when), the running "joke" (meaning every parent had been burned by it at least once), was the dreaded, "*batteries not included." While I have been snagged by that once or twice myself, it is nothing that a quick run to the corner store, while other gifts are being played with that cannot be remedied quickly. No, that is not it. For me the bane of my Christmas Eve life as a parent can be pointed to three different little words. Words that seem to apply to at least one gift a year. Those words that make me shudder... "some assembly required."

Our car broke down on Saturday. The Saturday before Christmas. Water Pump and Timing Chain went. We needed a vehicle so we decided to rent on for the weekend. Have you ever tried to find an open Car Rental Place on a Saturday afternoon of a three day holiday weekend? 23 places need to be called before we found one open.

As it turns out, that event was almost a blessing in disguise. LatteGirl's haul from my mother's house (my mother, my aunt, and my sister) never would have fit in the trunk of our car, so at least we reaped that benefit from having the rental car. But I think I would have happily traded having to make an extra trip back to go get the remaining goodies rather than spending $600 in car repairs, and another $150 (or so) on the rental.

TheWife and I "agreed" no not buy presents for each other this year as "we" (read: she) wants a new painting for above the sofa in the living room. She got me CSI Season 6, and a Chiminea that I had my eye on for the deck. I bought her, a bracelet (which unfortunately did not arrive in time), a vegetable steamer (she wanted one), a Target GiftCard ('cause what woman doesn't enjoy shopping?), and a pair of diamond earring set in white gold (she is now on a kick where she doesn't want anything "yellow"). So obviously... we both broke our "agreement." As it turns out that probably was a good thing, because the money we would have spent on a print for the living room (She wants a "Kinkaide") is now going into her car for repairs.

I started baking on Friday evening when I got home from work, and didn't stop until around dinner time on Christmas Eve. I was exhausted by the time I was done (which was not a good thing to be, when I had "some assembly required" gifts assemble once I could get LatteGirl off to bed), but the house smelled fantastic. I was a bit behind because of LatteGirl not wanting to bake this week since she was under the weather, but I did manage to complete all the cookies I promised people here I would send out. In the end I wound up baking about 16 dozen cookies and a couple of cakes.

I took time out from baking Sunday, to go to church (it didn't burst into flames and burn down... who knew), so I could see LatteGirl and her Sunday School class perform a nativity scene play. LatteGirl was one of the 3 Kings. She was thrilled to be the one presenting Gold. TheWife however did not find it amusing when I kept referring to her as "the king presenting the bling."

Fortunately (for us), we no longer have any family members that actually still make the Jello mold for the holidays. (Although we still have a party with TheWife's family on Saturday, so I may be a bit premature). But I have to ask. Who the heck looks a Jell-O and thinks... "that needs carrot slivers in it"?)

I hope you got everything you wanted from Santa. (If not, the post-holiday sales start today :)

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