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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summertime Escapades

Or, if you prefer... summertime ice capades. Here is a prime example of while I attempt to be more earth sensetive, I probably do not make the hard choices that those who are truly green would make.

Yesterday, LatteGirl's Daycamp trip was to an ice skating rink. At the time, I thought "Gee how cool (no pun intended), I wish I could go ice skating today with this hundred degree heat." But last night when I really thought about it some more I was less than enthused. I mean how much energy does it take to keep an ice skating rink running in the middle of summer? The rinks around here used to be ice in the winter and roller rinks in the summer. Now... ice... all year long.

Now part of me would like to keep her from doing things such as ice skating in the summer, just on principal. But the other part says, well the rink is open anyway. The Daycamp is going to have their outing anyway, why should I deny her the opportunity to do this? Hence not as green as I should be.

But enough about that. Today of course is going to be another scorcher with the potential to break record high temperatures. So of course today my client requires me to attend a meeting in mid-town Manhattan. It is probably good for my diet, but I am really less than thrilled to have to make these trips. But as long as their checks don't bounce, what choice do I have.

Fortunately, even though she will be spending the day at Mountain Creek Water Park today, I can be sure that LatteGirl will be only too happy to go swimming this evening, so at least I can look forward to cooling off in the pool later.

I can not believe it is August already. Summer always seems to go quickly, but this summer seems to be flying by at an exceptionally quick pace. It is only about 2 1/2 weeks until vacation time, at Chestut Grove in the Pocono Mountains. Whoo-hoo. I can not believe it is practically here already. I haven't even started begging for guest bloggers yet for the week I will be away. Anybody interested?

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