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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another win for GOP in their war on women's rights

This is not news, as conservative Republican views and Women's rights are usually at odds. But this time, as I watched this unfold, I also paid attention to the so-called "liberal media." Take a look at today's CNN article on the "Child Custody Protection Act." (Side Note: Does anybody else notice how anytime a GOP bill wants to take away people's rights it always seems to be a "Protection Act") . In this article CNN starts it off by providing the case of a 14 year old daughter that was (allegedly) transported by her then boyfriends parents to New Jersey to get around PA notification laws and "forced" her to get an abortion by refusing to drive her home until she got one.

First, does anybody actually believe this story? I mean sure if I am Marcia Carroll (the girl's mother), I may wish to believe that this was true because after all how could HER daughter have an abortion unless it was coerced. I am quite certain that if this girl had decided and told the people at the clinic she did not wish to have an abortion they would not have done it, and even more so, would have contacted her parents so she could get a ride home. But no, it is easier for her to believe that her daughter could do no wrong (Of course, I have to wonder whether a proper lack of sex education including the use of condoms played in a 14 year old getting pregnant in the first place).

Second, what the "liberal" media opted to ignore in reporting, was the grusome tale of Spring Adams, an Idaho 13-year-old who was raped and impregnated by her father in 1989. Because she had to have parental permission to get an abortion, she told her mother, who confronted the father. Her father killed her, her mother and himself with a shotgun.

Now, before you start lambasting me, just hear me out, while sidestepping the right to choose, to remain on topic and not cloud the issue. Would I want MY daughter to come talk to me? Of course I would. Any (reasonable) parent would. And statistics show that a vast majority do in fact speak to their parents. But the fact is that there are plenty of less than reasonable parents that present problems such as Spring Adams.

I am proud that the Senators from New Jersey have seen this for what it is, and called to spend more time, money and energy on sex education and prevention programs and stop using women for political gain during mid-term elections (and if you think this coming up for a vote now is anything but done to rouse support of the religious "zealots" you are fooling yourself).

This bill has already passed the House of Representative, and today it will most likely (and unfortunately) pass the Senate, and nobody will complain because the "liberal" media apparently is sufficinetly happy reporting the spin the conservatives want, and it is no surprise that when they report it this way that 75% of people they polled support the measure. Sometimes half a story is not better than nothing.

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