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Thursday, July 27, 2006

This diet is freaking me out

OK, so before I even bought the book, based on the information I was able to find on websites, blogs etc., as I mentioned before I decided to give the Shangri-La diet a try. Before I finally got around to ordering the book and getting it shipped to me, I had lost 10 lbs in about 5 weeks. Nice. Not earth shattering, but nice. Some of this could also be attributed to an improving view towards food. More organic fruits and vegetable, more home cooked food, less eat out junk, etc.

When I finally got the book (about 10 days ago), I found that according to it, I was actually taking probably too little oil for my size and the amount of weight I wanted to lose, and adjusted upward accordingly.

The results? I lost 3 pounds the first week at the new level. I definitely felt less hungry and therefore was eating less. But the real freakout came last night. Wednesday is Pizza Night. Being the big guy that I am I have always eaten 3 (and somtimes 4 if it is a really thin pie) slices. Ok, I knew I had been eating less, and getting full sooner, so I figured, I would only be eating two slices. This is where I started to freak out. My mouth and stomach were in disagreement. My MOUTH wanted that second slice. My stomach said, "No Way."

This diet has received publicity, both good and bad. The folks at Calorielab love to trash it at every opportunity, because based on "traditional thinking", it makes no sense. I have to agree that without trying it, even with the explainations of the science behind the diet, my inital thoughts about it were to consider it "speculative" at best, but since it was easy and cheap to try. But I am quickly becoming a believer in what the book has to say.

Is it fad? Well, I am not an expert enough to say definitely. And you need to do more than just follow the steps in the book (although that is a good start), such as trying to clean up your diet from too much junk, etc. But so far this has made it so much easier, that it just freaking me out.

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