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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Environment Matters

When I get discouraged by the lack of effort or caring people show towards the environment, our health and the future of this planet, I can always be sure to find one source of inspiration to remind me why the fight is worth it. Of course it probably comes as no suprise to anybody that has read this blog for any length of time that LatteGirl is that source of inspiration.

Yesterday, she convinced the wife to let her skip out on daycamp so that the two of them could go hiking. Both of them love the outdoors and hiking (Me, I like the outdoors, but am much much more of a sand and ocean person... but I digress), but it is a source of sheer joy as I hear her recount her experiences without the jaded and rushed views we tend to acquire as adults. Excited about new rocks that she finds, or by taking a new path this time getting to see a magnificent waterfall. She has even taken to trying to learn how to use a compass (and suceeding).

She reminds me just why we need to ensure this planet doesn't end up looking like it did in Logan's Run. Why we need to fight for clean air, clean water and a clean environment. Why the U.S. turning it up its nose at the Kyoto Protocol was wrong.

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