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Friday, July 28, 2006

Criminey... what does it take to get a sponsor?

We are now under 24 hours from the Start of Blogathon 2006. I will be "Primary Host" from 9am to 3pm (we will all be blogging throughout, but each of us has a "primary" timeslot to ensure out posting every 1/2 hour). During that slot I will be almost exclusively pinned in front of my computer, to (as best I can) provide a "live" Blogathon experience during that time. So be sure to come by Fresh Food, Fresh Blog and taunt me... (psst... you should be sure to come and taunt, Cathy, Doug and Barry as well... but I am not authorize to offer taunting on their behalf so shhhhhhhh).

And now in an effort to help raise money for Farm Aid, I am going to put it bluntly... what do I have to do to get You... yes you in the back... with the cute ears, trying to hide behind the guy with the big head. What do I have to do to get you to become a sponsor? (And remember this is a Family rated event... I'm just sayin') What? Stand on my head? Do a belly flop into my pool live on webcam? Become a sponsor... make a request... and if there is anyway I can fulfill your request (meaning not going to cause bodily harm, causing me to be arrested, or not of a family nature) I will do it. The cause is worth it.

Next week, after a week of rants of various sorts and the begging for sponsors for the two or so readers I have left, we will return to the regularly scheduled life of Latte Man.

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