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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nothing to worry about... Right?

Almost twice a week LatteGirl has been going with her Daycamp to various lakes in the area. She must wear her camp t-shirt over her bathing suit so that the camp workers can keep track of the kids. Because of this, my wife pointed out that it would be much more simple for her if we always gave her bikinis to wear, since a one-piece would create problems with bathroom trips.

There was one side-effect that we had not considered in this though. While she wears her t-shit and shorts over her bathing suit going to camp, with her little panties packed in her back-pack for after changing, it seems LatteGirl has now taken an affinity to going commando. When then leave the lake, she simply leaves on her bikini top and t-shirt, removes her bikini bottom and puts her shorts back on.

Admittedly, the first time she came home and declared..."Guess what, I'm not wearing any panties." We thought it was cute and giggled. However, now it seems to have become a trend. My wife has tried to emphasize to her that she MUST... but in this heat, she has met with resistance. I mean, she is six years old, too young to explain what "good girls wear panties" means (and believe me she will ask), and thus the reference is lost, so we are stuck with the "you just should."

But I am sure this is just a phase, and not the start of something my pre-frayed father fears need to be concerned with for the future right? RIGHT?

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