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Friday, July 21, 2006

Be a dear, and be a sponsor

I have teamed up with Cathy of Domestic Psychology, her husband Doug of Reality Me and Barry from Inn of the Last Home for Blogathon 2006. For those that are not familiar with Blogathon, essentially at the Blog we have set up for this cause one (or more) of us will post at a minimum every 30 minutes for 24 hours, in an effort to raise money for a worthwhile charitable cause.

We have selected as our cause this year, Farm Aid.

Won't you please consider helping us by being a sponsor? You can do so here. You can sponsor either "by the hour" (so your sponsor total will be whatever you pledge times 24) or just enter it as a single lump amount. Whatever you can sponsor is great, sponsor a little or sponsor a lot, the amount is up to you and every little bit is greatly appreciated.

Why Farm Aid?

I plan to go into this more during the Blogathon (hint hint), but will give you enough "Why" to explain why this is a worthwhile endevour to sponsor (Did I mention I think it would be great if you were a sponsor?). Back in the 80's when families where losing their farms en masse, it was a very newsworthy event, and one that Farm Aid was born out of to help save family farms.

Today, the events are as "newsworthy" (to main stream media anyway). Factory farming is hurting our food supply, the quality of our food, and destroying the family farm. Milk laced with hormones and anitbiotics. Livestock caged in horrific conditions in order to get the maximum profit per acre at the expense of the health of not only the animals, but of the consumer. Sustainable Family farms are good for the communities where they thrive, they produce better healthier products, and don't produce manure at toxic levels.

This is an important endevour that anybody should appreciate. But especially if you have children, it is something that you must consider, not only for your future, but theirs. Please won't you help?

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