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Monday, July 24, 2006

Kermit was wrong

OK, so years ago maybe he was right. There was a limited number of "green" products on the market, and the ones that were there were to say the least expensive.

Now as I have mentioned before, I can be best described as "light green." I am not changing my ways overnight, nor do I think those that advocate it are doing the right thing, because you will get more resistance that way. But slowly and steadily as we find new products at reasonable prices, we are turning our household more "green."

We started out with some simple things like Ecover brand fabric softener. It works every bit as well as any of the name brand products on the market, is completely biodegrable, not made from any petroleum based products, and is priced the same as any of the leading brands (possibly a little less if you fill out the form here and let them send you some coupons).

Our next stop was the kitchen sink, where we have gone with Seventh Generations Dishwashing Liquid. (coupons available here - and you print them out. Very Cool.) Something they point out on their website, which is interesting (OK, it is interesting to me), and something very few people every associate with their dishwashing soap is that "If every household in the U.S. replaced just one 25 oz. bottle of petroleum based dishwashing liquid with our vegetable based product, we could save 118,700 barrels of oil, enough to heat and cool 6,800 U.S. homes for a year!" What a difference, changing just one product in your home can make. Plus thus far, I can make no distinction from this and the Palmolive product we gave up.

Our latest change is now going to be our Laundry Detergent as we give Sun & Earth a shot with their products. We have not started using this yet as we finish off what we were using (hey... I am not going to just let it go to waste.) so I can not really give it a thumbs up or thumbs down... yet. But I will eventually.

In the mean time, these three (among others I will probably talk about in the furture) show that you can stay in budget while still helping to make our planet better for us and our children. Something that everybody short of Sen. James Inhofe (who still believes that global warming is a "hoax") should be able to appreciate.

And speaking of appreciate and making the world better for our kids (you knew this was going to be coming didn't you), there is still time to sponsor the Fresh Food, Fresh Blog for Blogathon 2006. Just drop in over here, and sponsor us for whatever you are comfortable with. Every little bit counts. And of course don't forget to come by on July 29th as we blog for 24 hours in support of Farm Aid.

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