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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fashion Club

In keeping up with her push to "girly up" her mom, LatteGirl decided TheWife needed a makeover and thus started fashion club day.

(Wisely?!) TheWife decided to ensure all the events of Fashion Club were complete (and evidence removed) prior to me returning home from work, thus I was unable to get photographic evidence of these events, but from what I was told, the events when something like the following:

Each took turns in the Bath Tub enjoying having the hair washed by the other.

LatteGirl selected clothes for each to wear (thus ensuring she got mommy to wear a dress... even if for a little while)

Mommy recived a FULL make-over complete with brightly colored (mostly pink) Barbie makeup (because you know, only the best makeup :),

Then followed a liberal amount of body glitter.

With that complete it was time for manicures and pedicures.

And finally a tea party (since they were all dressed up with no place to go).

When I arrived home from work, TheWife had managed to remove all but the body glitter and was back in a pair of shorts.

LatteGirl continued to sport a look that reminds me of far too many girls I dated back in the 80's with WAY too much (and too bright) Eye shadow, and then I fended off a potential panic attack thinking about her dating... but calmed myself that I didn't need to have that attack just yet.

Both had a ball, and it was a great bonding experience for them. But one that for a change, there is no chance of me being jealous of being left out on.

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