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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Decisions Decisions

What a pain it can be at times to try and decide what is the right thing to do. And this year the decision revolves around school. I have been more than happy to display my contempt for my local school board. Having lost on every front (or so it seems) so far, of course does not make me a happy camper to begin with. But it goes beyond even that.

With our public school system unwilling to start an aftercare program (I am not asking for a FREE program here, I would be more than willing to pay for it), we are left with three choices within town. Two of which border on disgusting, and a third, that well we though perhaps it was just us, and because we had such a wonderful Pre-K that our bar was set too high. And maybe it is. But this is my daughter, and when it comes to her I WANT that bar set as high as possible. With the school year quickly approaching, we started talking to LatteGirl about it again, and the thought of returning to that aftercare program (which she this year only had to be at 2 days a week, and for no more than about two hours), brought her to tears. Well we knew she wasn't thrilled with it by the end of the school year, but had attributed it more to "spring fever" than anything else.

So now we are back to deciding what to do. Which puts us considering something that I NEVER would have dreamed of before. Sending her to a Catholic school. Ugh. It tears at me in so many different directions. I want what is best for her of course, and this may very well be the best option... but it is not as much of a no-brainer as I would like. Even if I can get past the Catholic part of it, which is as easy as it sounds (I attended 4 years of Catholic High School, and manage to come out unscathed, but by then of course you have more of a mind of your own and are more ready to judge information on a congnitive level.), I still have to contend with the whole soul crushing uniform thing (which in light of my defeat on that issue with our public schools, she will wind up wearing a uniform regardless) and of course there is the not small issue of coming to terms with the fact that despite my property taxes (well 51% of my local town budget anyway) going to the local school systems, I will now have to pay an additional $4,000/yr on top of that PLUS the aftercare costs. It is almost enough for me to actually support the incredibly slanted "school voucher" program. (Hey, I said almost. I have not sold out... but it is certainly more tempting)

Then of course the last option (and one we can not complete before this school year) is giving up on our hometown and looking elsewhere. TheWife, in even a bolder though suggested that we consider leaving NJ for greener (less property taxed) pastures. I can't see that happening, as I LIKE New Jersey! (Hey, you stop laughing).

I feel like decisions these days are always a choice between finding the lesser of two evils. Why can't some decisions be easy?

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