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Monday, August 07, 2006

Anniversary Changes - 12 year edition

Things definitely change after between the 1st and 12th anniversary of marriage. Although not all of the 12th year items actually happened THIS year, they have happend over the years, or at least some similar variation:

1st - Sleep in late. Roll over in the morning, saying "Happy Anniversary" with a little song in your voice, some intense kissing, and horizontal celebration to start the day.

12th - woken up by excited child jumping on the bed. Saying Happy Anniversay doesn't happen until teeth are brushed because somebody put socks on your teeth while you were sleeping. Morning horizontal celebrations have not occured since child was born.

1st - You spend no less than a month trying to find a card that says things, "just right"

12th - You get a card during a sale.

1st - You buy gifts that the other person "wants" but you probably can't afford, but buy it anyway because, hey "they are worth it"

12th - You buy items to complete chores around the house

1st - You make reservations for a romantic candle light dinner

12th - You pick a restaurant that has the best children's menu

1st - After dinner you go out, party and stay up all night

12th - You come home after dinner and take some tums so you are not up all night.

(of course not all things change equally, such as)

1st - You both dress up in your best outfits

12th - She still worries about how she look whereas he asks "Does this stink too much to wear?"

1st - Neither of you finish you dinner, instead spending time staring into each others eyes

12 - She doesn't finish dinner because she is tending to the kids, or on a diet. He finishes his meal, looks at her plate and says "You gonna finish that?"

1st - Money is not object on this day

12th - He Says "Money is no object" She says "We really should save some money"

And with that, the 13th year commences.

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