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Monday, June 05, 2006

TFIM (Ok, it is Tuesday already but...)

Thank FSM it is Monday. I did it! I survived. The overscheduled madness that has been my life for the past couple of weekends is behind me.

Now I can fully concentrate on fighting the school board over uniforms, my quest to get rBGH (growth hormones) banned from milk, my diet, raising a baby tree, tending to the evil pool and the omnipresent "honey-do" list.

And I wonder why I am always tired.

Vacation plans are in the works, but dates and locations are yet to be determined. I could use one right about now, but I guess I will have to wait.

That is not necessarily a bad thing though. One week on the Shangri-La diet and I am down 5 pounds. Now that by itself may garner a "pffft" as "everybody loses 5 pounds the first week of a diet. " And I would think the same thing. But now I need to add. Over this week I have attend 2 bar-b-ques, 2 birthday parties and a confirmation party. At no time did I "deny" myself anything. I didn't stop eating any particular food, or drink (excessively) more water than I had before (more... But not a lot more). And at no time did I feel hungry. So when I tie that in with the 5 pound loss. I am quite happy, and if my success continues, maybe I won't mind people seeing me in a bathing suit. (OK, if things continue may NEXT summer, I won't mind people seeing me in a bathing suit).

I was reading A Peek Into My Insanity, in particular her "winner" of Idiot of the Week. It seems that this jerk put a baby in a dryer! I don't think "idiot" quite does this "thing" justice. Indulge me for a moment will you? Thanks. First of all, just the fact that this clown put a 13 month old baby in a tumble for "a couple of minutes" is enough in my book to classify you (in my ever so elegant terms) a Seriously Demented Nutbag (or SDN). Now, let us carry this to its illogical conclusion. Not only did he put an infant in the dryer. Upon removing the child from the dryer which caused "horrific injuries" to the child, he did... Nothing. It was not until the mother (who I certainly think is questioning her own judgment at this point... Or at least I hope she is), returned from going to the gym was the child taken to the hospital. Now they do not specify in the article how long a period of time it was between how long it was between the dryer and being taken to the hospital, but even if it is "just a couple of minutes," you can only assume that the child was screaming in pain (if not unconscious from it), and that SDN was oblivious to this. Can somebody explain to me, what can possible affect a persons Critical Thinking abilities so badly that something like putting a baby in a dryer can actually be rationalized in their heads? If you are that seriously brain damaged, you really should be removed from society.

The other one that has my head spinning, I found (I think because I can not find the post) over at Inn of the Last Home , in which a 3-year-old apparently walked out of his house and into the family car and died of (presumably) heat in the mid-day sun. It has been ruled an accident by police in Knoxville, TN. So the parents will get away with it. Now, I will admit to watching one too many episode of CSI (and in particular this episode immediately came to mind), and probably jumped to some conclusions that I perhaps shouldn't have. Putting those thoughts aside, I am sorry, that I still believe that there should be a law against criminal stupidity, and if you are not aware that at 1PM in the afternoon that your child is missing, that at the very least they are criminally negligent. But that of course is just my opinion.

I think I will take some extra time this evening to play with LatteGirl.

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