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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Because my child is worth it

That is the answer. The question? Why would I pay darn near twice the price for milk, just for milk that is organic? As I have previously established, I am not what a true "Green" person would consider "Green" but, neither do I ingore the facts that many large corporations would like me to in order to improve their profits. And Monsanto has done a lot to get consumers to forget (or even not be aware) of the issues when it comes to Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Their product Posilac, is the only remaining rBGH product on the market, making it a profitable drug for them to sell, with the added bonus that the fact that despite the rather long and ominous warning sheet that is included with the product, they do not have to worry about the cows forming a class action lawsuit.

It doesn't take much for me to choose to err of the side of safety when it comes to my daughter, and just one report stating, Researcher Warns of Cancer Risk From rBGH (non-organic) Dairy Foods , would be enough. But it is not "just one." Take a look at, Monsanto's Hormonal Milk Poses Serious Risks of Breast Cancer, Besides Other Cancers, Warns Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, which was published 8 years ago. It is also noted that because the rBGH causes other problems in cows, according to this article by The Center for Food Safety, "dairy farmers tend to use more antibiotics to combat the infections, the residues of which also may end up in milk and dairy products. These residues can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals and contribute to the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria, further undermining the efficacy of some antibiotics in fighting human infections." (emphasis added by me).

When you take those two factors into consideration, it is not surprising that the European Union, Austrialia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada all banned rBGH. So why is it still allowed here. The short and simple answer is, Monsanto would lose Billions of Dollars if rBGH were banned in the United States. They have gone so far as to sue dairies that have put rBGH-Free labels on their milk [see stories here and a more recent attempt here]. The Wall Street Journal also reported on the issue, you can read the article for free from the Organic Consumers website [reprint].

The most blatently pathetic example of trying to shill, and demean those demanding better products, is the Milk is Milk "Blog". I will not like to it, and please allow me to explain why I put blog in quotes. Simply put, it is called a blog, because it uses Blogger as it's platform, and even uses nothing more than one of their standard templates (no disrespect intended to the Blogger Templates), to make it appear like a "grass-roots" movement supporting rBGH milk.

I will not speculate on how or why the FDA seems to be "pro-BGH" as I do not wish to take this topic to speculation, but you can see an interesting read on the topic here.

If your eyes have glazed over by now, and you skipped over parts of this, fine. Come back and read it another time. Follow the Links. Let it sink it. I think my child is worth it, and armed with the facts, I am sure you do to.

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