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Monday, June 05, 2006

The War on Breastfeeding?

I wrote about this sometime back on another blog, and many others have as well, but in case you were under a rock around September of last year, neoconservative, pseudo-opEd pundit Christine Flowers first spewed her venom (the original article is not longer on the website, but you can see a reprint here.), equated breastfeeding to urinating in public, smoking, and blaring hip-hop music and suggests that women who breastfeed should use the bathroom.

Now comes the stupidity over at LiveJournal that is banning or suspending users who have a depiction of breastfeeding. There are (were plenty of links), but apparently some of the users have already been banned and their Journals deleted. (Thanks to Doug over at Reality Me for this working link). While not quite as overtly evil as Ms. Flowers, The folks over at Six Apart did a poor job in handling the situation and ensuing complaints. Their fist mistake was calling an picture of a breastfeeding woman "offensive." Second their indignation at the complaints of users only showed their contempt for what their users think.

Of course since right wing nuts like, Focus on Family's Dr. Dobson believe a woman's place is in the home, perhaps as soon as they get done trying to ban gay marriage, they could sponsor a Constitutional Ammendment banning breastfeeding in public.

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