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Monday, May 08, 2006

Wanna buy a pool? Cheap?

Almost two years ago, the pool we had in our yard collapsed. Not wanting to buy another "cheap" pool, we decided we would wait a couple of years. In the mean time we purchased an Aqua-Leisure Simple Set Pool.

Now, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt and figured there was just something wrong with ME last year when I spent the better part of 4 days working on setting this thing going. After all, when you read the box, it couldn't be any easier. Spread out the pool, inflate the ring, fill with water, ENJOY! I did eventually get it up and running but it was a hassle.

I made notes of every problem I had last year and decided I would be better prepared this year. Only I'm not. After spending the weekend re-leveling the area where I want to put this pool (Oh, did I mention... this thing needs to be on a PERFECTLY LEVEL area?). Rolled out the pool. Only to discover it has holes in in? From where? I have no idea. I put it away last year without holes, this year holes. So I patch the holes on the bottom, and am thankful that I found them before filling the pool. Only now the RING seems to have a leak as well.

Oh, and let me add the icing to this cake. My neighbor's Tree seems to know when I am starting to put this pool up, because for the second year in a row, it starts raining down with those... stupid little spinning things that hold seeds. I guess it is important to not that the filter that works with this pool is a completely underpowered peace of garbage, and that all of these spinning things need to be taken out by hand skimming!!!

If LatteGirl wasn't as big into swimming as she is, I would have simply thrown this thing in the trash yesterday, and lived without a pool for this year. But she is... and she is excited. She even got into the inch or so of freezing cold water in the pool to help scoop out those seed things as I looked for the leak. This turned out to be a. fun for her, and b. beneficial to both of us as after spending hours looking for this new leak that for some reason I could not locate, as she was scooping out the seeds, she says, "This isn't the hole you are looking for is it?"

So while LatteGirl doesn't realize it... she has saved the pool... at least for now. What happens tonight after I test the patches remains to be seen.

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