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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why must everything be taken to silly extremes

It seems to me, that in this country, everything is polarized. Everything must always be taken to extremes. For a moderate person like me, it drives me absolutely nuts.

And no, I am not talking about politics (per se). It takes no insight to see that polar extremes are the ones making the most noise. No, I am talking about simple things. Things that should be painfully obvious.

Well, by now I guess you want me to get to my point so here it is. Unless you have had your head in the sand, or do not have school age children, you know that initiatives have been passed to ban soda from schools. Not the panacea, I do not believe, that the pundits do in reducing childhood obesity, but a reasonable thing to do.

Apparently new nutritional guidelines have been drawn up that need to be met. Also, a great idea. If children are going to be eating meals at school, we should ensure they are getting good nutritious food.

But now, the Board of Education in my little town (and apparently some others are doing the same around the country), have decided to take this initiative and bring it to incredibly stupid extremes. First they have banned cupcakes from the schools. BANNED.

Go back and read that again. Yes, you got it right. THEY BANNED CUPCAKES!

I am sorry, but Little Johnny is not getting obese because he has a cupcake that I bring to school for LatteGirl's birthday party.

Next they have banned candy sales as fundraisers. It is time to get real here. The Candy Sales (at least around here) are marketed TO parents (usually BY parents since you can no longer safely send a kid out selling), to co-workers and other family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.). The are boxes of chocolates, nuts, etc. It is not like they are selling individual candy bars door to door (and buying and eating a few as they go along). When a reporter asked one parent about it, her brilliant reply was, "I think this is brilliant. Kids have enough candy and junk. Let them sell notebooks and pencils for fund raisers."

Does anybody actually believe that youo can sell notebooks and pencils in great enough quantity to raise money for anything? Certainly not enough to help fund school trips, functions etc. It is nothing short of blind stupidity.

But that is the way things seem to go in this country. There is almost always somebody that thinks it is necessary to push things to illogical conclusions.

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