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Friday, June 02, 2006

Frazzled Friday

Did you ever wish that you could just close you eye, and forget everything?

The School Uniforms Debate

After the meeting with the Board of Education, I was nothing short of amazed. First by the number of people that were there, like me, fully against the idea of school uniforms. Second by the arguments put forth by the parents that were FOR the uniforms.

Now, I could easily filter out the ones that argue the factors of "safety", "improved scores", etc. because there is ZERO, not little, ZERO empircal evidence to back these claims, and this is nothing but fear mongering. But then there were the others. Parents that wanted uniforms because it is "easy", they don't have to think or fight with their kids over what they are going to wear to school. Apparently, they need school board policy to gain any control over their kids. Yet others complained about the older kids (7th, 8th and High School) kids, that dressed inappropriately for school. Of course it was never THEIR child that was dress like a "bum" or a "slut" but that "other" parents allowed their children to dress that way. Again. I can't understand how parents want to give up their ability to raise their children and abdicate the responsibility of the legislators. I can see no good coming from that. But apparently some parents can't be bothered with actual parenting once the kid is school age. For these folks, it would seem that the kids are in charge. And then people wonder why kids aren't respectful to teachers and authority figures. Well they have never had to be, because with parents like these they assume they can just walk all over any adult the way they do their parents.

It is really sad, and makes me wish I could be one of those parents that just sits back witout caring what goes on and say, "What are ya' gonna do? That's the way things are." It must be so much less stressful to go through life that way. But, I have taken my head out of the sand and looked around, and I'm afraid I am just not able to go back to being oblivious.

Getting Ready for Family

Well this weekend is LatteGirl's Birthday Party - Family Edition. Which of course means cleaning the house, getting everything ready, baking a cake, all the things that I could have been working on this week if I wasn't busy as hell in work, and "wasting" my "free" time on things like prepping for the meeting above.

Top it off. We ordered new end tables for the house. They arrived yesterday evening. Of course TheWife wants them built and ready in time for the party. These things are broken down into about 800 bazillion pieces that need to be be assembled in just the right order. Of course the first of the pieces as always are at the bottom of the box, so you need to remove the first 799.9 bazillion other pieces first and spread them out. I guess I am going to try and do that while I am baking the cake. With any luck, I should be able to finish them just before sunrise.

The Boss

You know, sometimes it can really put a kink in your plans when you employer gets the crazy notion that you should be dedicated to working when you are in the office. What is that all about? Deadlines and proposals all needed to be completed this week. Good new though is that it appears that my proposal part was a sucess, and not only will I be extended well past my original end date of Aug 1, but got the pot sweetened by another $100 a week as well. Not enough to send me and the family to the Riviera, but certainly nothing to sneeze at either.

So despite feeling pulled in a million directions with too much to do in too little time, overall things I guess are pretty good, if I can just survive the next 36 hours or so.

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