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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Tree Hugger in the making?

I have taken from my father the preference of organic gardening. I would never consider giving my daughter milk from cows that have been given rBGH (more on that in another post soon), I am against opeing the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve, and hurting the environment to the benefit of big oil.

But, I am certainly not overboard enough that anybody would ever "confuse" me with a "Tree Hugger." If anything I am probably the eco-ists worst nightmare, somebody that cares about the environment but "not enough" (in their regards).

LatteGirl on the other hand, at just shy of six seems to already "get it." Let me explain.

This weekend, our "family activity time" is going to be spent down at the river front as part of a clean up program. I am happy to help. LatteGirl is downright EXCITED about cleaning it up.

Last weekend, as we were working around the yard, I pulled up a little sapling of a maple tree that had begun growing between the cracks of the slate that serves as the "patio" where I keep my grill, and tossed it into the pile of leaves that I was cleaning up. LatteGirl was NOT at all happy with me. She demanded that we immediately pot the little sapling and that she would tend to it until it was big enough to be planted and left to live. "We need trees to live" she informed me.

So we now have a little tree growing in a pot in our yard. She is very proud of it. And, yet again, I am very amazed and proud of her.

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