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Friday, March 03, 2006


Originally uploaded by JayMonster.
I can rarely take pictures of LatteGirl sleeping in the evening. Why? Because by the time she is ready to go to sleep, I am usually too exhausted to do anything myself. other than get her into bed and then get myself into bed.

Well, I finally did it. It took 3 pots of coffee after dinner to keep me going, and after keeping her going continuously, we made home made pizza for dinner, and then baked some cookies, then baked a cake to bring over to Grandma's house the next day. As we were decorating the cake, she announced that she was 'done' and going to go watch TV.

I guess she didn't have enough strengh to get all the way into the chair, and this is how I found her a few minutes later.

As an adult, we get to a point where we can not sleep unless we have the right mattress, or the right pillows. We blame aches and pains on "sleeping wrong" or drafts, etc. Oh to be young again, and to just be able to plop anywhere and drift off to slumber land.

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