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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I should be a Meterologist

Hell, what is the big deal? Use computer programs to tell you what to say, and when it is wrong you blame the "storm shifting tracks."

In the storm we got here in the east a couple of weeks ago, the inital weather report called for "a dusting to an inch", which was followed later by, "1 to 3 inches", later that night they changed it to "6 - 8 in most areas." When all was said and done, we finished with 20" in most of the NY/NJ metropolitan area.

Now, we are starting to at a similar scenario again. Yesterday, weather was calling for "Sunny and 48 degrees" on Thursday, but a "sudden" cold weather front and some clouds and this morning we heard "1-3 in the city with more north and west"(The City meaning NYC). Well, the National Weather Service has now upped that to "4-8 inches depending on the track of the storm" which translates into "we have no clue, we could get more, or less"

I want a job where that much uncertainty is acceptable.

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