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Monday, February 27, 2006

The great Daycare debate

When LatteGirl started school this fall, it ended the era of her at her original Daycare, which does not offer an "after-care" program. When we started looking into the after-care programs available to us, one thing became crystal clear to us. We were spoiled with the daycare center we had, and nothing else in the area even came close to the quality of the teachers, the quality of the program and the cleanliness of the 'schools' compared with the original place.

It is only now that I can laugh at how panicked we were when TheWife went back to work. We were distraugt with the though of our child spending so much time with others and not enough parent time. We worried about the spread of germs, and whether she would fit it, etc. All the typical worries of a caring parent starting to put their child in a daycare program. We were hypercritical of some things and demanded the best for our daughter. And in reality, we got it. We had (for the most part, there were several little problems, but I am speaking of the program in general), incredible good luck with caring teachers that not only did a great job of taking care of our daughter, but that she liked being around as well. When she was in the "2s Room" (she was already three but had not graduated to the "Pre-K 3s"), one of her teachers left for another teaching job. She was inconsolable for several days, as she cryed over the loss of the teacher. Nothing we could say made it better, until she latched onto the new teacher, whom she wound up liking "even more."

Then to move onto a program that has several teachers that do not even speak english all that well (which I am sorry, is important when you need to speak to English speaking children... and their parents), is not particularly well kept (it is more an "old" thing... and need of a paint job than anything else, it just LOOKS dirty, it really isn't, but the faded paint, poor lighting, etc just make it... feel dingy).

This had us so upset, the decision was made that TheWife would switch to part time employment, so that LatteGirl never had to spend more than two days a week there, and then as little time as possible. On the two days a week I pick her up, I rush to get there as early as possible, so she is spending no more than two hours there after school on those days.

But now, after nearly six months I have come to some conclusions, including one that we once again over reacted. She really enjoys the couple of hours she spends there, has several new friends and gets along well with the teachers. I get along as well with most of the teachers, although admittedly I am still a bit frustrated with 1 that speaks with such an awful accent, it takes a minimum of three attempts from her before I can gather enough fragments together to figure out what she is trying to say. What drew me to this startling revelation? Well fortunately for me (and more UNfortunately for her and her daughter), the recent problems that have besieged Miss Zoot and NikkiZ with there daycare have make me put into perspective how good I really have it.

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