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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Thank God I'm Back To Work. Painting the Main Bathroom, Living Room (still in progress), and many many other chores that the wife had lined up for me, has me so glad I am back at work, so I can recoup, a bit from it all.

So far this is a like a dream come true. I was still able to have breakfast with TheWife and LatteGirl before I headed off to work. Even got a solid nights sleep (after all the work around the house, they were as wiped as I was yesterday, leading the whole house to retire early for the evening).

Still have some cookies to send out, and now I will have the time to do them without having to chose between baking and sleep.

I am also going to be putting together a few recipes for the cookbook over at Mom is Nutz. If you have some time, please consider sending a recipe or two along. I am so looking forward to the publishing this eclectic collection of tastes from around the blogsphere.

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