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Monday, February 27, 2006

Is it just me?

I doubt it, since ratings on NBC for the second straight Olympics slumped, but for some reason, the Olympic games this year gave me no reason to stop and watch.

TheWife watched some, and Tivo'ed other parts of the figure skating, which I haven't watched since Tonya Harding (then) husband tried to take out the competition. In what was probably a bit cruel bit of thinking on my part, and disgust over the attention given to Nancy Kerrigan who for a breif time became America's Sweetheat, was thrilled that after the announcers gushing praise all over her, and proclaiming her the gold medal winner after her routine, cheered when Oksana Baiul pulled off a stellar routine and yanked the gold away for herself. The last time I watched figure skating with any interest before that, the name that drew attention was Dorothy Hamill.

When I was younger, I liked watching Skiing, bobsled and Hockey. But the frequent abysmal showing by the United States turned me off to skiing. Bobsledding (including Luge) has been such a bad event for the U.S. that I never felt let down by the fact that we couldn't touch a medal, but the interest eventually waned. Hockey of course was of course fun because of the "Cold War" battles when I was younger, the "evil" U.S.S.R. hockey team that was just too good for everyone else, alway hoping for the David and Goliath scenario which was ultimately rewarded with the 1980 "Miracle On Ice" team. Since the switch to allow professional hockey players to play, it of course not only lost the intrigue it had before, but my personal favorite player, Martin Broudeur of the New Jersey Devils plays for Team Canada.

So now the games of Turin have come and gone, and I watched... not a single minute of coverage. Not live, not "Previously Recorded", not Tivoed. I glanced at the Sunday Paper to look at the medal totals. That was the extent of my Olympic interest this year.

I thought maybe it was just me, but after seeing all the articles on how poorly NBC did with Olympics ratings, maybe it is not me at all.

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