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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On a Stick

Well, based on the sucessful outing we had in January (sucessful meaning that LatteGirl did not freak out having a baby-sitter), we decided to try it again. Yes, it is true folks, LatteMan and the little woman are going on their second date night this year! And not only that, within the same quarter of a year.

This time however, I planned things out ahead of time, and we are heading to Bananas Comedy Club. You see, as it turns out, in a piece of rare good luck, one of my favorite comedians, Jeff Dunham will just so happen to be at the club that evening. And for the cynics out there, yes it was pure dumb luck. TheWife and her sister (the baby-sitter) set date, I just looked for something to do on that date, and there it was.

If you have never seen Jeff Dunham, you are really missing out on one funny comedian. You see Jeff is not only a Comedian but a Ventriloquist. His humor is not predictable, nor does he tend to run the same gamut of jokes, like how you will hear the same joke by various comedians, just "tailored" to them. Well, with his "pals" Peanut, Jose Jalepeno, Walter, and others. I have followed and watched him since his appearance on Comic Strip Live which was on Fox back around '89 - '90. I linked to a small clip over on the picture. It is short, but funny. There are more clips over at the website -

This post wasn't supposed to be a commercial for Jeff Dunham, but as you may have surmised by now I am quite excited about the whole thing.

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