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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Now that didn't take so long...

Well, the concerns over unemployment are (at least for the momment) over, as I have secured a contract for the next six months, at a very substantial wage to boot. I guess I should go back and thank my former bosses for giving me the boot and forcing me to get my job search into gear.

I will be working a grand total of 7 miles from home, with normal working hours. Beside the obvious benefits of less commuting time, and less wear and tear on me, it will now also provide enough time for me to consider running for councilman in my hometown. Something that I have been pondering lately. Before I was unsure how I would find the time to mount the drive to get enough signatures to get me on the ballot. Now I appear to have that time available. Quite exciting indeed.

Today, I am relaxing, baking and shipping out cookies that are long overdue to a few people.

I will have a week's "vacation" and then back to work it will be. If you can call unpaid time off with a huge list of chores lined up by one's spouse a vacation that is.

Now, to go read some blogs until the timer goes off :)

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