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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Date Night" at Latte House

TheWife and I are going out on a "date" this weekend. Amazingly, it has been two years since we have done anything without LatteGirl.

And to be honest we have not told her yet. One of her evil powers charms, is her ability to make us feel guilty for going out. And that is when it is ONE of us that is going out. She is going to freak when she finds out that we are both going out {{gasp}} without her. Hopefully this will be tempered by the fact that she will get to spend the evening with her Aunt.

I am hoping she is going to be better about this now than she was THEN, but I am not banking on it. Her vocabulary has increased dramatically (gee, nothing gets by me, huh?), but so has her conning skills. For example, we have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get her back sleeping in her own bed... alone. We have been making good strides. But when TheWife brought up the idea of her sleeping alone last week she replied, "I'm not ready. I am still still a child, and an impressionable one." (Where the he** did she come up with "impressionable"?)

So, I am both thrilled and nervous. We are not telling her until Saturday. At least that is the plan at the momment.

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