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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Maybe their logo should be a turtle

Last Friday, I packed up what was personal belongings I had left, and shipped them out via FedEx "Home Delivery" (a.k.a. FedEx Ground), rather than having to deal with figuring out how to get them across town, onto a bus, etc.

Well, apparently that 12 mile ride between midtown and my house somehow managed to take 6 days to arrive. 2 miles per day? I mean seriously! And to make matters worse, I was unable to track the packages. When I checked online, it stated that the packages were not in their system. Natuarally I called the old office to bitch about them not sending out the packages (and them of course being quite confused since they were).

I find it simply amazing. Now I did not expect the packages to arrive next day (even though they really should have considering the distance involved and the fact that it was over a weekend), because hey they charge more money for "next day service". But six days is just unbelieveable.

I am afraid to look in the boxes and check the condition of the items inside. But I guess I had better.

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