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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What next... Senior Citizen Early Bird Specials

Well the events of the past couple of days sort of took my focus off of "Date Night" which isn't really all that bad a thing.

But since I was asked...

Date Night was both good and bad at the same time. Let's start with the good. Kudos to those that pointed out that as kids get older, the same separation issues that I had gotten used to were not there this time. When we told her about it Saturday morning, LatteGirl let out a cheer, and started a little song and dance about her Aunt coming over to play with her. Now, since our dinner reservations were not until 7 PM, my sister-in-law did not arrive until a little after six. For several hours beforehand, LatteGirl continuously asked as to when her Aunt would be arriving, and then added, "Next time, could you go out a little earlier so I would have more time with my Aunt?"

Dinner was enjoyable, although we did have to wait a bit for our table (so much for reservations). The food as always was fantastic. Now here is where things got a bit shaky. We spent a good part of the evening talking about LatteGirl, and little bit of politics (as they affect funding for programs that affect our daughter... see the circle we were going in). Upon completion of the dinner we did not know what to do with ourselves. Since we had to wait for our table, we would have had to wait for the late show to attend a movie or the comedy club, which are the two things that we tend to do with nights like this. She didn't feel like going shopping (which shocked me first, and then was a bit of a let down because I thought that the opportunity to hit Target without the "Can I get..." and "How much longer?" would be a good thing).

So what did we do?

We headed home. We were back in the house by 9PM. We got a recanting of the past couple of hours from LatteGirl after she said good night to her Aunt. Then LatteGirl and TheWife were off to bed.

So, I guess now I we can move on to the next step. Looking for early bird coupons in the paper and hitting the 4:30 buffet for dinner so we can be home in time for the evening news.

I know I turned 40, but I feel like we are getting old a little fast. Or maybe we are just so used to rushing home and next time we will be more relaxed. I guess I won't know until next time.

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