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Friday, January 27, 2006


It has been a while since I have so desperately looked forward to a Friday.

Reservation for "Date Night" have been made for Park & Orchard. Fortunately their chefs are much better than their web designers. I am so looking forward to getting out and having an an adult conversation. Perhaps it will be a cure for all my Disney posts.

Work is making me miserable. I really need to start a full court press in finding something new. I have been dragging my heals to ensure I get my full service time where I need it to get my next 18 Paid Days Off (they don't "do" sick days here, it is one big blob of days for vacation, sick, personal). I rolled 10 days over from last year, so that gives me a month bumper for the changeover which is nice. Although I really could have used a day or two for mental health, expecially right after the holidays.

My apologies to those that I owe cookies to. Tonight, LatteGirl and I are baking for sure, and the packages will be out to you tomorrow. Things have just been crazier than a Republican trying to cover up his ties to the K Street Project.

I should be back to regular posting (maybe even with some substance) next week.

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