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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Saturday Blog Reader's Bonus

LatteGirl and I are baking chocolate chip cookies today. So, to make a typically light blogging day a bit more interesting, the first three (3) comments today requesting cookies will receive a care package of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Update: Ok, I have 3... I think... but I am still in a giving spirit, so I will bump it to five (5).

Offer valid in the 50 States and Canada only. Offer may be expanded to include more commenters at the discretion of AoLM management. I do not put any nuts in my chocolate chip cookies, but my bakeware has been used for products that contain nuts and most of the products I use also carry that warning (Including a bag of cashews I bought... go figure), so if somebody in your household is allergic to nuts you may not wish to enter. Liars, cheats, theives, members of the Bush Administration and Employees of Faux News Channel (is that redundant?) and their immediate family are not eligible.

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