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Monday, December 11, 2006

Start a blog... please.

As I (and many others) often do, I was over visiting Busy Mom, and she had a post about those insipidly long, horrendously boring, "Family Christmas Letter".

I mean seriously, if you are going to attempt to keep people up to date on you and your family, start a blog. Write it down while it is still fresh in your mind, and share it... then.

Now, I will admit that I am quite imetuous, and may be overreacting a tad, but I have never quite understood them. (Can it really just be me?) If I really cared about you, I would have kept touch over the past year (or if you had followed the advise above you I would have read your blog) , so I would already know everything in the letter... if not, then what makes you think I am going to carve out the time to read about it now? Honestly.

On a separate Christmas "tradition" that people either love or hate... the "child" Christmas Card. Back when I was a single lad, I was never a big fan of the "Here is my kid as a Christmas card" thing. Then of course life happens, and suddenly I find myself having done nothing but use my child as a Christmas card. I started to ponder this again this year, and threw out some feelers to family members to get some input. I swear, I thought my mother was going to lose her mind at the thought of not getting a LatteGirl Christmas card. So once again we relented, and have the "Child Card."

So what do you think... or do? Do you turn your children into Christmas Cards every year? Is this just a cheap way out of sending some photos to family members (I read this somewhere, I just don't remember where)? Do you like GETTING them? (I admit, I now actually do enjoy receiving them, and seeing neices, nephews and friends kids growing up). What do you think?

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