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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funny / Not Funny

Funny - Jib Jab is back with their newest video, the 2006 year in Review.

Not Funny - If you have looked at the prices on eBay you already know that the whole PS3 thing is completely out of hand. How Sony can be so late (a year after the Xbox 360 release), release it just before the Holidays and still have so few untils available is simply insane. But while they still have NO units to sell, the attempted (rather poorly since they have been found out already) to start a Viral Campaign with a "blogger" that promised to "spread the luv [sic] to those like j who want a psp! …consider us your own personal psp hype machine, here to help you wage a holiday assault on ur [sic] parents, girl, granny, boss—whoever—so they know what you really want.” Maybe if they spend a little more time in production they could actually have some units to sell. They full story from Next Generation is here.

Funny - I have often felt bad that apparently lawmakers in NJ are too dumb to be able to come up with a slogan for our State. First we paid an advertising agency, mind you the same braintrusts that were hired to come up with a new corporate image for the company that would be the merger of Sprint and Nextel, and came up with the incredibly duh, "Sprint-Nextel", we paid these idiots a quarter of a million dollars to come up with a slogan that was (rightly) rejected. They then decided to turn it into a contest and allow residents to come up with a slogan. Before they announced the winner, they hadn't bothered to check if it had been used before, and unveiled a "new" slogan that was actually old, so back to the drawingboard they go. But, I guess I should be relived that no slogan is better than THESE SLOGANS that other places have (read the comments for some additional "winners" as well).

Not Funny - Following up on the stupidity of the story from Waco, TX from yesterday, today I found this story about a teacher that rather than escort three students to the restrooms, instructed the students to urinate in a soda bottle. What almost made this story funny was that the school administration felt it necessary to explain that it was the teacher and not the students that were under investigation.

Picture Perfect Thursday will be around later (I hope).

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