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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No clear pattern... just thoughts

For those that thought the house in the picture was mine, I am sorry to say it is not. That is the house from Christmas Vacation, which by storyline is in Chicago, but in reality is somewhere in Colorado (explaining the existence of mountains in the background of some scenes in the relatively flat midwestern city.

GenBetween has a good article on Shopping for elders, with links to some other similar tips. Saved my butt this year.

What is it exactly about "San Francisco Values" that has the collective minds of conservatives and the nitwits at Faux News all freaked out? Is it the somewhat oxymoronic fact that the people of the City by the Bay hate judgemental people? Or is it maybe that people from San Francisco know that Almond, Champagne, Mocha and Salmon are colors as well as food? Or maybe they are mad because somebody from SF actually knows the difference between the colors of Almond and Champagne.

Why does Joe Barton hate autistic kids? And what were the people of Texas thinking when they re-elected him?

An 11-year old boy is currently hospitalized, but fortunately stable after battling e.Coli. Do you really need another reason to stop eating fast food? Although New York City has now banned trans-fats in all NYC restaurants.

OK, how embarrassed would you be, if it was your flatulence that was responsible for making your flight make an emergency landing. Perhaps next time she flies, she could check the Facts On Farts Web Site.

Have a friend that is Secular Progressive (besides me)? Want to get in the absolutely last word? Well then sign up so you can send him (or her) a Post-Rapture Message. Of course I hope it is a Secular Progressive running the site, otherwise who will be here to send the message?

When will these kids learn? If you are going to do something stupid, or (maybe even more importantly) illegal. Do not put it up on YouTube! The latest is a case in Norway where the Police were able to track down a Reckless driver that posted his antic on YouTube.

This of course is what happens when a 41 year old with ADD sits down to write a post, without having a clear plan ahead of time. So what have discovered in your world today?

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