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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mother has boy arrested for Opening Christmas Present

When you were young did you ever try and find your Christmas presents early? C'mon be honest now. Now... did you ever think you would get arrested for finding one? Well, apparently if you are the son of Brandi Ervin from Columbia S.C. that is the case as boy is booked for Opening Christmas Present.

The mother stated she did it to teach her 12 year old son a lesson because he has already been having so many problems. OK, so you have a child with ADHD that medication is supposedly not helping (by her own account), who took a swing at a security guard, and has been suspended from school pending an expulsion hearing, and your idea to straighten him out is to have him locked up and give him a juvenile record? Granted the child was only charged with petty larceny, but that is still going to be brought up in his expulsion hearing at school. And if he gets expelled, then what?

Sometimes I just wish I had the ability to dissect the brains of these people to see if we could identify some sort of flaw that turns off the logic in a person's brain.

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