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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Meatrix II 1/2 now showing

It has been a while (but not that long), but those that read this blog know my disdain for Factory Farming, artificial hormones in our milk, etc. You may have even hear me talk about TheMeatrix series of PSA announcements, cleverly done as a series of Flash Movies. Maybe, perhaps you might have noticed the logo for the last one over on the right sidebar. Well, I am happy to point out that they are back with The Meatrix II-1/2. This 1/2 edition was designed to coincide with the release of movie Fast Food Nation (coming to theaters Nov 17th).

View the New Meatrix II-1/2

Of course if by chance you haven't watched them yet, you should go and watch the first 2 shorts in the series

The Meatrix I
Take the red pill and watch the critically-acclaimed, award-winning first episode of
The Meatrix Trilogy.

Our heroes Moopheus, Leo, and Chickity return in
The Meatrix II: Revolting
to expose the dark side of the dairy industry.

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