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Monday, October 23, 2006

Two days later, and still recovering

3 hours. You wouldn't think it would be all that difficult to entertain children for three hours would you? We had Pumkins for decorating, crafts, games, toys, prizes, stories and food. At one point we wondered if we had gone overboard. I mean after all, how much can you fit in three hours, right?

Well...ummm... no. Wrong.

It turns out, without a staff in place so that you can wisk them from one activity to another having everything in place so they do not have a momment to pause, a group of 6 girls and two boys can in fact get bored, or out of control, or crazy in a matter of seconds of not being fully entertained.

We finally decided to, despite the slightly wet grass, allow the kids to just cut loose in the yard, and "run it off." This of course was not without its own ways to drive a person to drink. Every child wanted multiple chances to go across the monkey bars. This had two problems. One, the monkey bars on the swingset we have goes across the swings. You can not have one person on the swings, and another going across the monkey bars at the same time. Second, only one child could actually accomplish going across on her own, everyone else needed to "assistance" (OK, lets be honest here, I basically needed to carry them across, but just slowly enough so they could moves their hands from bar to bar so they could pretend to actually be doing it).

Now, to be honest, overall the kids were really good. Well, all but one. Not that this one particular girl was outright "bad" but she was always the one to instigate things, to rile up the others, to be counted on to do the one idiotic stunt (like deciding she was going to start pretending to be a ninja and kicking anyone and anything she could - not to be malicious, but "just because").

TheWife and I tend to disagree on this. I thought this party could have been perfect had this one child not been invited. TheWife thinks I over-react (perhaps it has something to do with this Migraine I developed by the time it was over), and that the girl is a "sweetheart" and we can't just exclude her (even though we have since Pre-School days known that she is ALWAYS this sort of problem.). I think, I do not need to have our events suffer, because she has some uncontrollable need to be the center of attention, even if she winds up being destructive to do it.

Her mother is a very nice lady, and tries very hard to keep her child under control. She threatened and warned her child about her behavior on several occassions, which would work briefly, only to start again.

What do you think? Would you omit a child that has a history of getting out of control?

Overall, despite the issues and pitfalls, everybody had a great time. TheWife thought the party was a huge success, as did LatteGirl who is already thinking about her "next party." Even I, migraine and all, thought things were good, although, I am not sure I can handle a "next party" until pehaps next Halloween.

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