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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Picture Perfect Thursday VII - "Sharing"

I got a spare
Originally uploaded by JayMonster.

I pointed out an article on how many parents today spend more time with their kids than they did in the past. I have to tell you, for me, it is quite easy because, I can think of nothing I enjoy more now than sharing something with my daughter.

Just look at that picture (and please forgive the blurriness). How can you not enjoy that sheer enthusiasm? You know, most people feel sorry for the children when parents don't spend enough time with them (and they should). But, I also feel sorry for those parents. They are missing out just as much.

Chris over at Rude Cactus, has a very nice post about Legacies. And it got me thinking about how a child can change so much in you. How you see the world around you, and how while you are trying to help that little person grow into the person you wish him/her to be, they that they are in fact actually help you grow as a person as well.

If however, you never take the time to share, then both lose out.

Sure there are times, when I miss having a little more me time, and the chance to do more of the things I used to enjoy doing. But. There of course will come that day that my daughter will be less than enthusiastic about sharing her time with dear old dad. I dread that day of course, but rather than dwelling on what will happen then, I appreciate and savor the time we can share now.

Why is this called "Picture Perfect Thursday"? Well you have to go visit Liz over at This Full House for more details. If you do join in, please let me know)

Sorry I was so late. More on that tomorrow.

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