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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Fridge

Last week the refrigerator deciding that it was going to just up and die. No warning signs, no little problems cropping up first, after 11 years it just decided it was going to work no longer.

So, after the mad dash around to find somebody that could get one to us immediately, and $1,000 later, we have a new stainless steel GE Profile Refrigerator. TheWife is happy in that we finally have a refrigerator that matches the stove. My bank account is of course none to happy about the whole thing. Then there was that one stupid little gotcha that you never expect (not a big thing just annoying).

As any parent with a little one knows, "Refrigerator Space" is at a premium for the displaying of school artwork, good test scores, schedules for things like soccer, dance class, etc.

Well, that shiny new "stainless steel" refrigerator threw us a curveball. The doors aren't actually "stainless steel" but are in fact, "brushed" aluminum. Now for those of you that didn't utter "uh oh" at that last sentence, allow me to point out the obvious pitfall. Aluminum is not magnetic! That means no magnets. That means artwork, schedules, calendars, etc are relegated to the side of the refrigerator.

Not as big a deal as actually having to replace the refrigerator... unless you are the six year old that wants all of your stuff on display.

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