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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

N.J. Court to rule on gay marriage

I have said it before. I love New Jersey. It can be tough sometimes living in the state that is the butt of so many jokes, but I more often than not am willing to defend her to anybody. Tomorrow becomes one of those litmus test days for me on how I feel about my State, as the N.J. court to rule on gay marriage .

I continue to be amazed at how, in a time of such turmoil, and so much wrong in this country that this is an issue that garners so much emotion from people. I mean let us be honest here for just a moment shall we? If the Insurance Companies were stuck paying the policies anyway, and Corporations didn't get away with ripping off or just plain out denying coverage for gay couples, this issue would have been long forgotten.

I still believe that there are enough Christians in the world that understand the message to love even the people that are "different" than you, or at the very least, "judge not, lest thee be judged" that the vocal minority that keep this issue afloat with hate would eventually wither away. It wasn't all that long ago, that "Good Christians" deried interracial marriage as a sin. Today, except for the racists, this "sin" is no longer. The cause was lost, and suddenly it was OK. Enlightenment. I can only hope that this enlightenment can continue.

But unfortunately that is not enough. Businesses, government agencies, insurance companies, and other monies are at stake here. So they stoke the hate to "defend" marriage from people that love each other. Not for any "holy" reason. But to save money. It is all about the money.

I hope that tomorrow that right wins out over "might" and the New Jersey Supreme Court makes the right decision. I love this State, and would hate to feel embarrassed to say that I live in a State with such intolerance.

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