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Friday, October 20, 2006

Halloween Part II

So, I am counting Hersheypark as Part I, and obviously Halloween itself will be Part III, but this weekend, I face Part II, the scariest part of Halloween for me this year. Why is this the scariest? Well, because tomorrow afternoon, I will have seven 1st graders in my home for a Halloween Party. Seven. Seven sugar-filled kids bouncing off the walls in the living room.

What the hell were we thinking.

Back in May, when TheWife and I were obviously still in control of our senses, we were wise enough to know that this was probably not a good idea, and had two birthday parties for LatteGirl. One for the family at home, and one for the kids that we held elsewhere. We knew plainly that having that many kids in one place was not good for the long term prospects for our home, furniture, etc.

But LatteGirl flashed us those baby blues, and said please in the sweetest way, and has show more enthusiasm for Halloween this year, other than the standard "can't wait to go trick-o-treating." So we melted. Melted like a Hershey Bar on the dashboard of a car on a hot Florida day.

I'm joking of course. Sort of. I don't mind the party. I am actually looking forward to it. But I am dreading what the aftermath is going to look like. Of course none of that is stoping me from baking cupcakes and cookies and coating things in brightly covered frosting (more sugar) and preparing it for the kids.

We purchased assorted games and crafts, we have music and munchies, will order in pizza, and we have more than enough to keep these little goblins at bay and entertained for the afternoon. I hope.

Stay tuned.

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