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Saturday, October 28, 2006

This needs to stop

Some ideas sound great on paper. This is one such idea. The premise is simple. Take the cars from "drug dealers" and use the proceeds to help fund the "war on drugs." But when you read stories like how a New Jersey County Seizes Family Cars, it becomes clear how these "good ideas" can go terribly wrong.

Unfortunately this is just the "latest" example that I have seen where overzealous prosecutors elect to "follow the letter" (but not the spirit) of the law, and seize three cars from a family because of the (alleged - remember he hasn't actually been convicted yet of anything) misdeeds of their son. Not one car. Not just the car he was driving (he wasn't even driving at the time, this was after a "raid").

Much like eminent domain (a rant for another day), it is power that needs to be dramatically curbed or stopped, because local government officials do not seem to understand how to wield this power judiciously and more often than not seem to only care about it in the sense of a profit center.

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