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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eating Crow: IE7 Edition

I have listened for quite some time now from bloggers, and technology pundits, how IE 7 wasn't going to live up to the hype. How it would still not be as good as Firefox.

Now I use Firefox, but I am not particularly in love with it because of its slow speed and rather sluggish performance. Sure there are some tweaks and Themes that help it load a bit faster, but there always seems to be some tradeoff involved.

So, I anxiously awaited the new Internet Explorer. And now it is finally here. I installed it, and after only about 10 minutes with this browser, I am here to say to all those naysayers:

All those things you feared, and mocked in the new IE7 Browser? Not only are they true... it is even worse than that.

IE7 is the most incredible piece of junk I have ever been stuck with. Because of security fixes and the like, and because it is so tied into things such as Outlook, Office, plus other parts of the OS, that I have no choice but to install it, and keep it.

But as my everyday browser? Microsoft has finally done it. They have made me a dedicated Firefox user. And at this point, if what I fear is true, this is only the beginning of the end with my relationship with Microsoft.

In what I can only assume is their idea to get users used to the idea of their stupid new ribbon idea that is set to appear in the Vista version of Office, Microsoft has not only redesigned the layout in a most horrific and unintuitive fashion, but they lock you into it. By default the Menu ribbon is turned off. Turn it on, and it appears BELOW the navigation pane (and relocated back and forward buttons). The command toolbar is on the same row as your tabs. And there is no way to change it! So if you have a lot of tabs open, you are forced to choose between having the toolbar fully visible, or being able to read the tabs which wind up getting small real quick because of the lack of space.

I don't know who did the usability study on this piece of junk, but they should be fired.

Internet Explorer is officially dead to me.

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